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recording & mastering studio video production rehearsal rooms creative services promotion & distribution

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recording & mastering studio video production rehearsal rooms creative services promotion & distribution


recording & mastering studio video production rehearsal rooms creative services promotion & distribution

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recording & mastering studio video production rehearsal rooms creative services promotion & distribution

About us

Welcome to Nadir Music, a multimedia production company dedicated to the creation of professional audio/visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors. Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way… Make it better than you ever imagined it could be.


Professional, creative, and 100% reliable, Nadir Music provides one stop shopping for all your video production and post-production needs.

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Nadir Music’s in-house team manages the entire production process, which gives us the ability to ensure a consistently high caliber of work across all phases of the project’s execution.


Nadir Music offers a professional, creative and comfortable environment for audio recording, mixing, and mastering at a competitive price. It offers flexible and comfortable accomodation, at no extra charge, to let You experience the beauty of Ligurian Coasts during Your recording sessions.


Projecting Artwork for CD, DVD and VINYLS. Standard Artworks, Digipacks. Projecting WEB Sites. Photo sessions, photo booklet, photos post-production. Artworks for T-Shirts, Backdrops, Posters, Flyers, Press Kits and any other kind of promo material.



Nadir Music in Genoa, is a high-spec recording studio that also provides production, mixing and mastering services. We are located only 10 minutes from Cristoforo Colombo International Airport, providing incredible value for musicians without compromising on quality.

Our studio has been acoustically designed to capture the best sound in both the booth, live room and mixing room, and is the perfect space for writing and recording, for bands and solo artists.

Nadir Music is a residential studio facility: it offers flexible and comfortable accomodation to let The Artist experience the beauty of Ligurian Coasts during the recording sessions.




Pro Tools HD, 192 I/O, 96 I/O (x 2)
Digidesign Sync
Digidesign C|24
Apple Mac Pro
Fostex D-5

Genelec 1031
Spirit Absolute Zero
Toshiba SB620
Hear Back Hub
Jbl TLX 8
Akg K 141
EX-25 Extreme Isolation
Vic Firth SIH1
Akg K 44
Shure Se 425

Millenia HV-3D
TL Audio 5001 Ivory
Aphex 207
Focusrite Channel Strip
Carvin Quad X amp
Line 6 XT Guitar Pod
Line 6 XT Bass Pod

Distressor (x 2)
Rsp Reanimator
Lexicon Pcm 81
Roland Digital Echo
Sonic Maximizer BBE862

Akg 414 (x 2)
Akg D112 (x 2)
Akg C3000B
Akg C1000
Crown PCC160
Energy D-636
Energy D-568
Nadabrahama NB01
Nadabrahama NB1.2
Neumann TLM 67
Sennheiser E 604 (x 4)
Sennheiser E 609 (x 2)
Shure KSM32
Shure Beta91A
Shure SM57 (x4)
Shure SM58 (x2)
Shure Beta58

Tama Star Classic Marple 10”, 12”, 14”, 22”
Sonor Force 2007 Birch 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 22”
Taye Rock Pro 10”, 12”, 14”, 22”, 22”
Ufip Tam Tam TTL 40”
Meinl HB100WRB Wood Bongos
LP Aspire Congas (x2)
Istanbul Mehmet Darbuka (x2)

Kurzweil PC3
Motif 7
Roland D-50
Yamaha P85
Korg M50

Diezel Herbert
Marshall Jcm 900
Marshall 9200
Marshall MG100 HDFX (x2)
Line 6 Spider IV
Kustom Quad 100 HD
Behringer VT100FXH

Mark Bass R500
Peavey Tour Series 450
Ashdown Mag300
Ampeg B5R

Mesa Boogie 4FB
Marshall 1960 (x2)
Line 6 Spider Cabinet
Peavey Valve King
Kustom Quad St (x2)

Markbass CL 108 (x2)
Eden David Series






An overview on our rehearsal rooms, booth, live area and relax area.


A good video production company will present you with a range of options and let you choose the concept that best matches your brand, your music and your strategic goals. By choosing to work with a studio who produces video in house, you’re effectively cutting out the middle man, and maximizing your budget. On top of that, you’ll be working directly with the people making your video, which saves time in production, and guarantees that no part of your message gets lost in translation.

Production is the time when the lights turn on, and the camera starts to roll. Its the first time you get to see your concept take shape. We use our skilled crew, professional equipment and other tricks of the trade to make a gorgeous video.

This is the step where the video recordings, audio tapings, sound effects, motion graphics, titles, and special effects are combined, sorted, and placed into story form. Not only do we edit our own video footage in-house, but can also edit your raw footage. Contact us before you begin to shoot and we can give you some guidelines to help get the most from your material. This will save you time, money and frustration.



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Some of our latest works.



Contact Info

+39 010 899 56 68


Nadir Music, Via P. D. da Bissone 1cr/n, 16153 Genova, Italy.

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